HEADSHOTS BY Michael W. Rogers

Las Vegas Metal Prints for Sale. Pour Coffeehouse Las Vegas.







Landscape photography.  Metal Prints for sale, Las Vegas. Two of my landscape pieces are for sale and you can view them at Pour Coffeehouse 6811 S. Eastern Ave. Unit 104D
Owners: Deborah Armstrong & Tina Torres.

The price of the prints are $399.00 each. They are 24 x 36 prints that is placed on 1/16 Aluminum.

Print number one is the tallest peak in North America. It is called “Denali” taken at Denali National Park, Alaska (my home) in April of 2014. Denali stands at 20, 237 feet.

Print #2 is Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area taken in December of 2014 at 6:47:37am .

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How You Present Your Face To The World. “The Headshot”

How you present your face to the world. This is what is known as a headshot.

“Victoria Freedom daughter of Albina Nafisovna Shagieva

That moment when you go CLICK.     Branding session (headshots) 
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Las Vegas Photography.. Me and My Dad.


That moment when you go CLICK.   Ferris one year old, will never forget this moment for the rest of his life. Me and my dad time. When I got this and they left I cried for 30 minutes.

I did this with all ten of my kids. And it just brought me back to the days of being a dad. My kids are grown now. Good day to shoot.

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Michael W. Rogers Photography

Print for Sale Las Vegas. “Fountain of Love”


DESCRIPTION Fountain Of Love metal print by Michael Rogers.

Your image gets printed directly onto a sheet of 1/16″ thick aluminum. The aluminum sheet is offset from the wall by a 3/4″ thick wooden frame which is attached to the back (see below). The high gloss of the aluminum sheet complements the rich colors of any image to produce stunning results. SHIPS FREE WITHIN 2 – 3 business days

Size 60 X 40
PRICE: $1000.00

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“The Cross” Fairbanks, Alaska


It was a Saturday morning in Fairbanks, Alaska. I was driving cab in 2014. Picked up my last fare and saw the sun come up at 3:30am when I saw it I also saw the cross. Mosquitoes kicked my butt that morning but this is summer in the land of the Midnight Sun.

DESCRIPTION “The Cross” framed print by Michael Rogers. Captured Summer 2014 at 3:30am Fairbanks, Alaska.

Image:24.00″ x 15.88″
Mat Border:1.00″
Frame Width:3.00″
Overall:31.75″ x 23.63″

Headshot Photography Las Vegas Personal Branding.

Personal Branding is Marketing You!
There’s a cloud of confusion that seems to surround personal branding. People have ideas of what they think the term means, but many of those ideas are quite not what you think.
I deal with these incorrect assumptions time and time again, so I’ve put together a list of four things that personal branding is not to try to address them. Here what it is not.
1. Personal branding and marketing is NOT pretending to be someone you’re not.
2. Personal branding is NOT image consulting.
3. Personal branding and marketing is NOT just about networking.
4. Personal branding and marketing is NOT for celebs only.
So what IS personal branding and marketing?
Personal branding focuses on your USP (unique selling proposition), how you position yourself relative to colleagues and competitors and how you ‘package’ yourself in an authentic and noticeable way that makes you stand out.
It’s about knowing who you are and understanding what differentiates you from others with similar qualifications and experience. Powerful personal brands have a sense of purpose and a desire to make an impact.
Remember, your personal brand is your greatest asset. My sessions start at $99.00 I look forward to hearing from you.
Keith P. Dent
Sr. Branch Manager
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Henderson, Nevada
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Portrait Photography – The Value


Creating a portrait for someone is showing them their true self.    I am capturing you, and the people you love so very much your wife, your children there is no money on this earth, this planet that will take your family back to this moment where I can capture you and put it on paper FOREVER.  


One day this will be priceless.  For me, I stop TIME for your family and the generations of people that belong to you, your bloodline.   And when you are not here your children will look at this portrait and say, “this was my father, grandfather, that was my mother, grandmother, this is the legacy of who I am











Freelance On A Whole New Level. The Story of michaelwardierogers by Abi Wright MyVegas Magazine.

me eyes-3

michaelwardierogers photo taken by Kemi Ott  –  Ott Shotz Photography Las Vegas, Nevada


Freelance on a Whole New Level: Michael Rogers Photography
By Abi Wright







CANON GL2-1Michael Rogers grew up reading National Geographic as a child, fueling his passion for travel and dreaming of the many places he would like to one day travel to. Never did he think his dreams would land him a place like Las Vegas.  Rogers had been a successful meteorologist, radio & TV personality for over 30 years in Alaska, Idaho and Maryland. As a father of 10 children and going through a bad divorce, his life was completely turned upside down upon losing his family. He admits that even though he didn’t know it at the time, Rogers had in fact, suffered a nervous breakdown.  Looking to rebuild his life and start anew, he joined a trucking company and took to the open road. Driving got lonely and as a past time, Michael had a 3 mega pixel camera that he used to snap photos along his routes… taking pictures of all the places he grew up reading about in magazines. Saving money along the way, he got a Canon T3I with a Rebel kit lens in 2008. He eventually moved to Buhl, Idaho, to stay with a friend. While there, his friend took his camera, printed and framed 10 of his images and hung them up around the house. When he returned, he was astonished at what his art looked like displayed, and his friend insisted that he start selling his work.





Bridge Edit 1 (1)Michael took his friend’s advice and started selling his prints, which landed his first cover photo in Idaho Magazine, July 2013, of “Downtown Buhl.” He continued to shoot while on the road and as his photography gained more exposure, he knew he had a decision to make: continue driving, or pursue his passion for photography.






Alaska (14)He traveled back home to Alaska to wrap up some loose ends, snapping his second cover shot along the way for Alaska Magazine’s 2015 Calendar. This trip home though, decided his fate as a photographer. Michael lost his trucking job, but took this as his sign to focus on photography. In September 2015, with nothing else to lose and everything to gain, he packed up his van & camera and headed for Las Vegas.







wheelHe says, “I wasn’t going to quit. That’s why I came to Vegas- I was going to get into the game.”   Michael Rogers has most definitely gotten into the game. Immediately upon arriving, he took the shot that he says, ‘started it all’ called, “The Observation Wheel.” Rogers states that, “It was a weather thing. I was taking a picture of the clouds that day and the wheel got in the way.” His photograph was well received by magazines and publishers alike and his image is even now included in a book.






Red Rock (1)Shortly thereafter, he did a one-shot-take entitled “Red Rock Canyon” that gained the respect of a high level CEO. Before he knew it, Rogers went from living in his van, to being flown on a private jet and shooting on location across the country. Work hasn’t stopped since.  Rogers says, “We all go thru bad spots in life, but it’s how you look at it. I know how to evoke an emotion out of a person with a picture… that’s what I aim for. I see what you see. If I keep shooting, I will not fail and I’m taking freelance to a whole new level.”